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You dont do it on purpose but you make me shake

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hey there, fancypants! i'm katie crowley. who are you? I'm easy to make and easy to bake, bring me to your next social event and score some serious brownie points. basically, you need the following ingredients, but you can substitute most of them with beans and it'll be just as good.


god, a katie is always in love. or she feels empty, and without cream filling. i fall in love faster and harder than a rock shot out of a cannon. i live for love. i save up every cool thing that comes in my head, in a filing cabinet, to use when i'm with the person i'm in love with. i have a bucketfull of idea sprinkles, and i keep them all for my special cupcake kid.


pink floyd, the pushstars, no doubt, and the flaming lips are my soundtrack right now. i love throwaway disney pop as much as r.e.m. and the cure. i wish i was into weirder stuff. send me your obscurest cds!


like, maybe there is no time, and it's possible to judge your world by location instead. around the sun or around the house. that's one of my favorite thoughts. we're all always thinking, nonstop, layers of thoughts on top of eachother. do we really think in words or do we just use words as a way of communicating? do our thoughts get filtered through a translator, making them "real" and understandable? i try to train my perceptions to match my thoughts. i think we all do. that's why nobody really knows anyone, we don't communicate. it would take too long to say everything we think, and our thoughts form who we really are. at least as far as we can tell. there are a few people who have hopped my train of thought, and i've hitched a ride on theirs, and now we're chuggin' along together, and that is amazing.


if there is anything to replace with beans, this would be it. expression gets me in trouble. i'm shitty at hiding my brain and it manifests in my actions. but then, it's a lot of fun, to experiment with the reactions of other people when they see or hear something and reject it.

i eat a lot of pizza and i go on a lot of adventures. i love adventures. those are when you go around with some kid you really care about, and you do something you haven't done a lot or even ever, without plans, and you just go for it completely. that is living and if we could all always be on an adventure that never ended, we would never stop to consider if it was right or think about it in hindsight. i have been tiddling around here for too long.
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