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You dont do it on purpose but you make me shake [entries|friends|calendar]

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[22 Dec 2005|03:49am]
New Journal

don't go here anymore!

i'm gonna leave this here just in case, but from now on i'm only posting in the new one.

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[01 Oct 2005|10:05pm]
omg beka is so mad at me because i think she said i made out with hooty i feel bad because i didnt know i did that and now i feel so bad! i can't talk right now oh my god i'm sorry! i got jelly all over the bed and i made beka mad. and i can't stop smiling even though i FEEL BAD and i also can't talk or type or see! and hooty when into the mountain! yesterday i did walk on something called a railroad track and stuff and now today. i'm trying to sound normal to nik. i cant type fast enough for my fingers to go and i get it but there were little twinkie cowboys dancing with a yellow fringe. i am like one of those little pink puppies people think are so great and they take pictures of for calendars, because i'm wearing a crown. and i want to be all creative but i can't type fast enough. joe is the guy who has no body and lives down the road wearing a fedorah. he tips his hat and carries a briefcase. he wears dark glasses. to the butterly on the leaf. i can't believe what i am almost saying. lean like a leaf? god this is big! i want to go over to hooty and shake her! i used to be so sad but i don't know why. i think it was because i got pushed off a christmas swing table. monkey arms! swinging from a TACO! a taco that can't play music but is really heavy. what the hell?
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[20 Jun 2005|04:38pm]
my dad is gone...

it hasn't hit me yet.

i'm at zillah's so i'm ok for right now and distracted.


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[04 Jun 2000|02:07am]
you can't read my secrets unless i add you back, so comment and i might.

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